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Mayah Goes MAD

Sneak Peek: MADI signal distribution scheme gets a fresh breath of life

In these days of IP-this and IP-that, the older cousin MADI has been almost tossed to the side without a second thought. But Germany’s Mayah Communications is giving the old king-of-the-big-studio a second look with a new series of products.

Called, appropriately, MAD, the line features five products (so far).

MAD1 is a half-rack headphone amp unit that passes MADI signals through while intercepting a channel for monitoring.

MAD2 is a splitter/converter for MADI BNC and MADI optical.

MAD3 is a 32-channel A/D-D/A for up to 192 kHz. Two units can be combined to handle the full 64-channel MADI spectrum.

MAD4 is a multifunction box capable of handling a variety of formats (including MADI, ADAT, AES/EBU, MIDI, analog) for routing, monitoring, de-embedding, etc. MAD4 also has a desktop controller.

MAD5, not yet available, will be a matrix for handling multiple MADI ports. According to Mayah it should be up to 1024 x 1024.

NAB Show Booth: C556