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Mayah Issues Firmware Upgrade

Upgrade covers C11, Sporty and Flashman II codecs

Codec maker Mayah Communications released a firmware upgrade that applies to the C11 codec family, Sporty portable codec and the Flashman II recorder/codec.

The upgrade, 4.0, is an across-the-board package that includes maintenance fixes and new features.

New are an improvement in IP connection stability; enhanced forward error correction schemes; EBU N/ACIP extensions for SIP operation; and improved performance and settings import and export via USB thumb drive.

The upgrade has medicine for specific Mayah devices. For the Sporty portable codec a new “Reporter Mode” offers presets for quick set-up and operation for nontechnical personnel. Reporter Mode also has a recorder mode that utilizes SD cards.

The Flashman II recorder/IP codec receives operational tweaks along with improved uploading of recorded files via LAN or 3G wireless connections. Also new are recognizable program markers that can be recognized by DAWs.

The C11 series gets a multiple unicast function for up to 11 simultaneous streams, improved mixing options and an improved Web remote control for decoder slaves.