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Mayah Shows SendIt4 at IBC

More information available on soft codec/conference platform

The IBC show in Amsterdam gets underway tomorrow, and equipment makers who sell into the global market are active there.

German codec maker Mayah Communications has released more info about the SendIt4 software conferencing system, which it will be showing at the IBC show.

CEO Detlef Wiese said this is a move by Mayah to offer services beyond hardware. “With [users] can establish bidirectional low-latency, professional audio quality connections over the Internet right from their PC or Mac, with up to four participants per session.”

He added that SendIt4 will work for legacy customers: “There are many customers trying to reach older ISDN codecs over up-to-date connection types like 3G or cable access. The only way to do this is to go via a professional bridging service, which we at Mayah are now rolling out.”

SendIt4 (PDF) is expected to be N/ACIP compatible and compatible with Mayah Centauri II/III, C11 and other Mayah codecs.

The IBC show is Sept. 8–13 in Amsterdam.