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Mayah Signs Up for Livewire

NAB Sneak Peek: Gets access to technology and hardware/software partners

Codec maker Mayah Communications has signed on to license Axia Audio’s Livewire IP audio technology.

Mayah has obtained a Livewire Limitless License, which, besides access to the technology, allows it to work with other Axia Partners to make sure products work together and to develop new products. Axia Partners include Broadcast Electronics, BSI, Burli Software, ENCO Systems, Fraunhofer, Netia, OMT, RCS, Rivendell Radio Automation and WideOrbit.

Mayah Communications President Detlef Wiese said, “We believe that the increase in IP connectivity in LANs and WANs needs to be supported with more compatibility, as demonstrated by Mayah and Axia supporting open standards.”

Axia President Michael Dosch stated, “Codecs, audio processors, phone systems, digital delivery systems — these are just a few of the professional audio devices that connect natively to Livewire networks, and more are on the way.”

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