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Mayah to Show New C11 Codec Family

Units are in half-rack form factor.

Mayah will launch a new generation of products, the C11 audio codec family for IP, ISDN, POTS and ASI, within a 1/2 19-inch single-rack-unit form factor.

The company promotes the C11’s wide range of redundancy and monitoring/control concepts, with models supporting logging of outgoing and incoming signals and offering additional storage as well as optional POTS and 3G/UMTS.

Additionally, the company will exhibit the Mobile Reporter Codec Sporty and portable recorder/codec Flashman II, with unique support of simultaneous transmission and recording.

Mayah devices support Audio-over-IP Ethernet or mobile 3G networks per EBU Standard. Traditional and advanced coding algorithms are included: linear, G.722, Layer2/Layer 3, HE/AACv2, AAC/ELD and apt-X/Eapt-X, the company said.

Booth: 718.