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Media Access Pro Gets 2010 Census Data

BIA/Kelsey updates the numbers

Media market research firm BIA/Kelsey announced a major database update to its Media Access Pro data and analysis program for radio, TV and newspaper media.

Information from the 2010 U.S. Census now is available. The information covers some 5.5 million geographic areas, according to a BIA/Kelsey release.

“MAPro now offers population estimates of all television and radio stations’ coverage patterns for their license facilities, as well as any construction permits. The inclusion of this type of up-to-date data provides those analyzing these industries a detailed view into the population served by a station in a particular market.”

Vice President Mark Fratrik said the inclusion of current data will help users better evaluate a particular station’s competitive position in a market. “By overlaying the predicted contours of a station’s facilities and construction permits with the census block information to generate population estimates, we’re giving MAPro users the most accurate and detailed information available to understand the current situation for each station in all markets as well as those outside of markets.”

MAPro also has added information on station ownership histories.