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Media Monitors Speeds Up PPM Data Distribution

Mscore and Audience Reaction can access data earlier

The Media Monitors radio spot monitoring service has announced a quicker distribution of updated Arbitron PPM data to users of the Mscore and Audience Reaction services.

Updated data had been arriving from Arbitron 21 days after the end of a measured week (that was based on preliminary data). Now the turnaround will be only five days.

President and CEO Philippe Generali said customers were asking for fresher data. “This means that radio stations will be able to have updated Mscore data within a week and get an earlier indication of how changes in programming may impact their audience.”

Mscore is an index describing the switching behavior of Arbitron PPM panelists measured to individual songs. Its thumbs up/thumbs down data can be downloaded to the GSelector music scheduler for playlist modification.

Audience Reaction monitors panelist behavior, mapped to the minute. Both are services of Media Monitors.