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Melody FM Digs Audemat Digiplexer

USER REPORT: ‘Radio All in One’ unit boosts sonic signature, tames peaks and provides failsafe audio backup

CAIRO, Egypt — Melody Entertainment Holding is a large media group operating in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and other countries of the Middle East. Our radio division, Melody FM, is proud of the quality of its audio content.

Kaled Hadi adjusts the Audemat Digiplexer 2/4 at Melody FM.

Last year, we installed an Audemat Digiplexer 2/4 audio processor at the transmission site of Melody FM in Cairo. We contacted Audemat because we desired audio processing equipment that would deliver a loud and powerful sound that matched the sonic signature of our station.

We have had positive experiences with Audemat equipment in the past. We selected the Digiplexer 2/4 over other well-known processors we have used in the past after Audemat representatives showed us the results of tests that showed how several broadcasters preferred the performance of Audemat’s HQSound audio processing engine. Once we had the unit on-site, we were able to hear how impressive it was.

The powerful four-band HQSound processor and highly precise 1.5 MHz FM limiter ensured that our staff was impressed with the loudness, audio fidelity and general performance of the processor. When the processor was driven very loud, the processor’s Sound Impact System algorithms working on audio peaks to produce a truly dynamic sound even when high compression was required.

Aside from the sound quality, we had some other specific criteria. The local climate requires a heavy duty unit that can operate in high temperatures and we also needed silence detection on the processor. These were not an issue for the Audemat unit.

As well as being an exceptional audio processor, the Digiplexer is part of the Audemat “Radio All in One” range. This means it combines other key features in its 1 RU chassis. These include RDS encoding, stereo encoding, audio backup and I/O remote control.

These features offered several unexpected benefits for Melody’s application such as the audio backup feature which provides extra security should we lose audio inputs. In this worst case scenario, Melody FM can either stream from a SHOUTcast or Icecast server directly to the unit or it can access files stored on the 80 GB hard drive. These files can be arranged into playlists that are scheduled to play at specific times or activated using contact closures.

Another key benefit for Melody was the IP connectivity provided by the unit. We can access the unit remotely with full configuration and control but we can also use the Digiplexer unit as a remote control device to centralize alarms from third-party equipment at the same site.

We installed the Digiplexer 2/4 in October 2010. It was an easy process. Soon after this, we had an electrical fault on the transmitter site. It is in such difficulties that we see the true value of the broadcast equipment we have in operation. In this case, the audio backup function on the Digiplexer worked exactly as planned and at the same time we were able to quickly identify the issue via the remote control and solve it without delay.

In other words, the Digiplexer kept Melody FM on air and helped us resolve the problem — I cannot ask for much more from an audio processor!

Khaled Hadi is chief technology officer for Melody Entertainment in Cairo, Egypt.

For information, contact Audemat/WorldCast Systems in France at telephone +33-5-57-92-89-28 or visit