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MicroMAC From Davicom Targets Smaller Budgets

Launches low-cost remote control in Davicom MAC line.

(click thumbnail)After selling many rack-mounted MAC remote monitoring units, Davicom says it has decided to bring out a smaller model that could fit onto a desktop.

The MicroMAC doesn’t have every feature of its bigger siblings nor does it remote monitor as many distant sites. It targets smaller applications, with, say, a single transmitter or tower site. I/O capability includes eight metering, eight status and eight relays; communications is over dial-up or IP networks.

The battery-operable MicroMAC carries the company’s familiar condition and event-driven program reactions and offers voice/DTMF, PC, FAX, e-mail, pager, text message and Web browser communication protocols. It is compatible with Blackberries and smartphones. The GUI is identical to that used on other MACs.

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