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MicW Mics for Mobile Journalism

Small mics have mini connectors for iDevices

The i-Series professional microphones from MicW are designed for iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, but can also be used with other mobile devices. All have a 1/8-inch mini connector.

Suitable for mobile journalism, the i-Series allows broadcasters to carry out live broadcasts and other tasks with their smartphones.

The i-Series range includes the i436 professional Class 2 mic for measurement and recording; the i456 cardioid general purpose mic; the i266 high-sensitivity cardioid mic for high-quality recording; the i825 omni lavalier mic; and the i855 cardioid lavalier mic for the recording of interviews, HD video production and ENG.

MicW also announced the new L-Series professional lavalier microphones. Featuring a small size and EM protection, the company says, the L-series mics deliver a warm, clear sound and are appropriate for applications such as broadcasting, ENG, conferences and stage work. The firm also released the M series professional measurement mic, which is compliant with IEC 61094 and IEC 61672 sound level meter standard.