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Middle Atlantic Debuts HRF

First in a series of half-rack equipment racks

Hot on the heels of its recent announcement on a prospective industry-wide half rack unit spec with Extron, Middle Atlantic Products is introducing a line of “half” racks, called the HRF Series.

In case that is unclear the racks are designed for “half” rack unit-sized (wide) equipment rather than the traditional “rack” unit equipment, which is 19 inches wide. In the past, half-rack equipment might be placed into full-sized slots; and either a pair were placed side-by-side or some kind of filler panel(s) was used to fill the remaining space.

According to a release these half-width equipment racks are welded, and initially available in eight and 12 rack units in height and 14 inches deep. The aim is the AV industry but no doubt broadcast equipment designers might find the size useful for some items such as codecs, computer and Internet streaming products.

The HRF series will add the usual accessories such as blowers, vents, shelves, blank panels and various predrilled panels.

Middle Atlantic, Extron Electronics Initiate Half Rack Standard