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Middle Atlantic Ups the UPS Ante

Rackmounted UPS system aims for smooth operation

Middle Atlantic Products prefers to keep some of its products anonymous, perhaps to let their function and performance speak for themselves. Such is the case with MAP’s new uninterruptible power system (which have part numbers but no fancy name that we can spot).

The UPS systems come in 750 W and 1.65 kW models, fitting in a two-rack-space footprint. The systems also provide surge protection for data and coaxial cable connections. The AC output from the battery system is a true 60 Hz sine wave output, with a 4 millisecond transfer time from line to battery and vice versa. Automatic Voltage Regulation keeps power smooth.

Eight surge suppressed outlets are available per unit. Energy Saver circuitry makes power reserving efficient. Middle Atlantic’s Power Manager software allows remote system configuration.

The systems allow for load shedding, where less-critical components would be shut down while more critical components could continue to receive power. A rackmountable (2 RU) expansion battery is available for expanded operation time or to handle more components.