Minuteman Controls the Power

Remote power manager is IP addressable
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The Minuteman RPM 1521 from Minuteman Power Technologies is an IP-addressable dual-receptacle power manager that allows remote operators to turn off attached equipment and then turn the equipment back on, perhaps solving a problem that merely requires a simple reboot. The RPM 1521 can also act as timer/controller for activating and shutting down remote equipment, say, at a transmitter site.

Additional features include surge and spike protection for attached equipment; the GUI also allows for password security. The two receptacles can be operated independently. If there’s trouble the RPM 1521 can issue an e-mail alert, SMS text message or SNMP notification.

Bill Allen of parent company Para Systems stated: “As we all know, equipment gets locked up for various reasons and requires a simple reboot … You don’t have to send a technician to a remote location merely to cycle power off and then on.” Retail cost is under $200.