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Monitoring With DK-Technologies

Product features advanced audio, loudness and waveform monitoring

DK-Technologies is launching the PT0800 audio and waveform monitor at IBC2013. The new monitor introduces a combination of precision audio, loudness and waveform monitoring, making it appropriate for various metering applications.

Featuring a host of monitoring tools, including an audio toolbox, complete with bargraphs, moving coil emulation, DK’s proprietary StarFish display technology and FFT spectrum analysis, the customizable PT0800 complies with major broadcast standards and includes loudness and true peak logging.

The PT0800 hardware is modular and allows for input/output choices of AES, HD SDI, analog and Dolby E formats, enabling up to four camera inputs alongside up to 64 audio inputs and 16 outputs, all under preset control.

DK-Technologies will start shipping the PT0800 in October.

IBC stand: 8.B60