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Monroe Electronics Tells Users to Update CAs for One-Net and DASDEC

The current certificate will expire on June 24

Monroe Electronics and its Digital Alert Systems subsidiary have released updated IPAWS Certificate Authority credentials for the One-Net and DASDEC series of EAS/CAP encoder/decoders.

The current certificate will expire on June 24, so U.S. users will need to to replace it in order ensure the EAS/CAP devices will continue to operate properly after the Federal Emergency Management Agency CA is in place.

IPAWS users who do not update their equipment could see the error message: “Event Log:Digital Signature VERIFICATION ERROR : Signer UNTRUSTED! Check for correct CAP decoder CA file.;”

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“We have been advised there will be several certificate and policy changes through the end of 2018 that will necessitate some certificate updates during this period,” said Monroe Electronics and Digital Alert Systems Senior Director of Strategy and Government Affairs Ed Czarnecki. “We’re constantly evaluating and updating our systems to stay in step with IPAWS, and since assisting customers is our top priority, we are actively working on new methods of managing government certificates with an improved path forward.”