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More HD Radio in the Connected Car

Read what Jackson Wang and Fred Jacobs had to say

In conjunction with the new eBook “HD Radio in the Connected Car,” Radio World talked to radio programming expert and digital consultant Fred Jacobs. “Broadcasters may find themselves in a position to have to reprove their appeal, both as advertising vehicles and as sources of entertainment and information.” Read what he had to say about the dashboard, digital radio and how those worlds interact:

Rethink Your Relationship With Car Dealers

Jackson Wang is founder and CEO of e-Radio and holds numerous patents in broadcast-based datacasting; he also is co-chairman of the National Radio Systems Committee’s Digital Radio Broadcasting subcommittee. “The role of FM broadcast such as HD is to provide a default layer of information (traffic/weather etc. as in traditional audio info, but for machines) that is useful in the car and its intranet (in-vehicle data bus),” he told us. Find out what else he said, including a preview of a new offering from e-Radio:

HD Radio as a Platform for Killer Apps

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