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Moseley Speeds Up With LAN Extender

Turbo 900 touches 155 Mbps for wireless links

Moseley Broadcast is putting the pedal to the medal with its new LANlink Turbo 900 LAN extender/data link, the latest LANlink 900.

According to a release, the Turbo 900 should be capable of 155 Mbps, which Moseley says is 150 times faster than the previous model. The Turbo 900 uses the 900 MHz ISM band so that it operates unlicensed.

In fact, Moseley notes that it operates so close to the 950 MHz band used for wireless STLs that it should be able to use the same antenna and infrastructure. A built-in duplex is for facilitating such use.

The LANlink 900 can be used for IP-based transmitter remote control, RDS, off-premises servers, security surveillance video, two-way communication with a remote site and more.

NAB Show Booth: C1307