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MPEG Selects Fraunhofer

Audio codec chosen to deliver 3D content

The Moving Picture Experts Group, better known as MPEG, has approved a Fraunhofer IIS scheme as its choice for the future MPEG-H 3D Audio standard. The standard would cover the encoding and decoding/delivery of 3D audio content much as MP3 and similar codecs work today to deliver digital audio in numerous missions.

The Fraunhofer proposal involved an Extended HE-AAC codec and a 3D rendering engine, according to a release. The codec was tested along with 10 others in a number of scenarios, including: “3D home theater setups, 22.2 loudspeaker systems, automotive entertainment systems and playback over headphones connected to a tablet or smartphones.” 3D audio in the car? The mind boggles.

The finalization of the standard is scheduled for 2015.