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Much Fanfare About Remote

Receiver now has option for remote shutdown

With a little help from its friends, Fanfare Electronics now offers a studio-to-translator remote control for its well-known FT1AP receiver.

Designed to give simple on/off commands to remote sites, the “FPR” (FM Phone Remote) option will be familiar to anyone who remembers aired tones being used to trigger cart machines and other automated equipment (back in the day!).

The FPR option uses audible DTMF tones inserted into the air chain at the studio and then aired. An FPR-equipped Fanfare receiver at a remote site hears the tone and activates a contact that triggers a compatible transmitter down. A second code set can turn the translator back on.

Additional DTMF-based commands are being developed. The option is compatible with any Fanfare MKIII receiver. A similar option is being developed for Fanfare’s older MKI and MKII receivers.