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MusicMaster Calls in the Pros

Company adds consulting expertise

A-Ware Software, developer of MusicMaster music scheduling software, has introduced what it calls the MusicMaster Pro-Team.

This is a group of consultants who’s work is available at a discount to users of MusicMaster. The consultants’ writ is beyond MusicMaster, encompassing multiple aspects of radio station operations; though mostly focusing on programming.

Consultants available include name players and principals from consultancies includingAlan Burns & Associates, Albright & O’Malley, Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting, Broadcast Partners, Broadcast Radio Consultants at Folger Media, DLange Radio Consulting, Geometric Media Consulting, Hamilton Communications, Harve Alan Media, Jacobs Media, John Hendricks Broadcast Services, MacKNificent Broadcasting, Santos Latin Media, Zapolean Media Strategies and Keith Hill.

A-Ware Software President Joe Knapp made the announcement.