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MusicMaster Upgrades

New platform, new app, new controller, new server

The MusicMaster music scheduling program sees several upgrades and a new iPhone app at the NAB Show.

MusicMaster 5.0 is debuting. MusicMaster’s masters have been keeping their cards close to the chest on what will be new on the main platform.

They have been more forthcoming concerning an iPhone app called iNexus. Working in conjunction with the company’s Nexus Server, the iNexus “can review the logs, swap, move or replace songs, do a library search by category, title or artists, and even review histories on our innovative quarter-hour history graphs,” accord to publisher A-Ware Software.

Also new is MusicMaster Dashboard, a monitoring program designed to handle clusters and multiple station groupings. And joining in on the social networking wave, MusicMaster Live Server allows for interactivity between the station and social networking, along with listener input on playlists. The program is customizable per station, while allowing for audience participant research, according to A-Ware.