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Myat Brings Efficiencies to Combining

Highlights its Lo-Loss Solution

Laying out a new patent-pending analog/digital combining technology for its combiner products, Myat promoted its “Lo-Loss Solution.”

The Lo-Loss Solution uses filters to increase combination efficiency and thus transmitter performance. This should lead to lower operating costs, the company says.

The system is functional with –20 dB or –10 dB systems, Primary or Extended Mode IBOC operation.

Myat President Phil Cindrich stated: “The Lo-Loss Solution provides efficiency not achievable through existing and conventional combining techniques. Our recently completed high-power testing with a leading transmitter manufacturer has proven the system, and has verified the energy savings and reduced carbon footprint advantages that this approach offers.”

“It provides the broadcaster an avenue to utilize his existing transmission plant to get to 10 dB down, and at the same time reduce his operating costs and energy consumption.”