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NAB Homecoming Week for IPU

Axia offers free IP University on Sunday

Grab the raccoon coat, the letterman’s sweater and the IPU pennant. IP University will be back in session at its NAB Show campus.

Axia Audio’s IP University at the NAB show will be held April 19, 11 a.m.–2 p.m. at the Las Vegas Hilton, handily adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Axia professor Kirk Harnack will conduct the class and field questions afterwards. The lecture will consist of “all you need to know about audio-over-IP.”

Prof. Harnack said, “When you come to IP University, you’ll see how other broadcasters are using IP Audio, you’ll learn how to select and configure the right pieces to build studios, and we’ll have support and development experts right there to answer your questions.” A light lunch will also be served.

And IPU requires no student loans, it’s free. Contact Kirk Harnack at [email protected] to reserve your seat.