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NAB Show Sneak Peek: ESE Makes the Time

New displays and timecode devices available

The ES-971 (shown) is a four-digit display featuring 7-inch high red LED displays in a wall-mount enclosure. ESE will exhibit the display at NAB. It accepts ESE, SMPTE LTC, EBU or RS-232C ASCII timecode. The ES-971 automatically determines which code is received. If receiving ESE timecode from a timer, the unit will display minutes and seconds. The ES-971/NTP-C offers the unit the ability to read NTP and/or receive Power over Ethernet (PoE). Both units offer optional blue or green LEDs.

The ES-289E provides a practical method of putting accurate time information onto a network by reading ESE or SMPTE/EBU timecodes. The NTP output is provided on a 10/100 baseT Ethernet connector. A voltage-controlled temperature-compensated crystal oscillator is used to maintain the accuracy of the timecode outputs when lock is lost. The ES-289E is an IPV4/IPV6-compatible NTP time server. NTP clients can authenticate the NTP server with MD5 or SHA1 Symmetric Key Authentication.

The HD-491/SD is an HD and SD SDI timecode decoder/generator. The HD-491/SD accepts an SDI signal, decodes the RP-188 or D-VITC and produces either a SMPTE or EBU LTC output. Simultaneously, the unit produces an ESE timecode output, which can be used to drive new or existing clock systems. The HD-491/SD can also be used as a translator/timecode converter (for shuttle speed applications) or can be jammed and used as a generator (real-time applications).

NAB Booth: C7406