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NAB Show Sneak Peek: Gorman-Redlich Updates Alerting Equipment

No more printouts for CAP-DEC 1 and an LED sign interface for CRW-S

Gorman-Redlich is bringing to the NAB Show the latest in its line of U.S.-made emergency alerting equipment, including the CAP-DEC 1 CAP-to-EAS converter (shown) and the CRW-S NOAA Weather Radio receiver.

The company says that a welcome feature for users who are tired of paper printouts of EAS logs is the CAP-DEC 1’s ability to store and organize logs electronically on the unit’s internal storage device rather than requiring a printer to be attached to the device for immediate printouts. Logs can later be transferred to alternate storage media or printed at the user’s convenience. Units may be shipped from the factory with the logging capability included and set up or may be field-upgraded by the user.

The Gorman-Redlich CRW-S NOAA Weather Radio Receiver has added LED signboard support to its feature list. This feature augments the alerting ability of the system by working in tandem with onboard relays capable of triggering lights, sirens and PA systems. Also beneficial for remote installations where the unit is physically separate from the primary users, the CRW-S will display alert details in different colors to indicate varying degrees of event severity.

In addition, it is equipped with SAME decoding and digital tone decoding that processes the 1050 Hz signal tone for automatic audible and visual alarm signals in the event of emergency situations. The CRW-S has rear terminals for remote control and (F) connector for antenna.

NAB Booth: C1125