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NAB Sneak Peek: Audemat Delivers Control

New IP remote control replaces Relio line

WorldCast Systems’ Audemat signal monitoring and remote control line has developed a new remote box to replace the Relio line.

Called Audemat Control, it is an IP-based system with a 1 RU rackmount box as base. “It provides 64 digital inputs, 64 digital outputs and 24 analog inputs, four serial ports, two Ethernet ports, four USB ports, one audio output, one audio input and one modem. The unit offers I/O termination panels with simple screw terminal connectors to enable connection to real-world signals,” the company says.

The modem is removable as is the onboard solid-state drive for improved maintenance and repair. The modem offers DTMF tone-compatibility for legacy uses.

Like previous Audemat products, it is compatible with the company’s ScriptEasy programming tool. It also has MasterView, a web-based app for customizing a GUI.

NAB Show Booth: N6134