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NAB Sneak Peek: Broadcast Electronics to Show New Transmitter

AudioVault upgrades to be available as well

Broadcast Electronics says that the new STX 10 (shown) 10 kW FM transmitter has been designed to offer an ideal combination of audio quality, reliability, redundancy, serviceability and efficiency in a compact design.

With an efficiency of greater than 70 percent AC to RF, the STX 10 will save electricity costs beginning immediately.

The STX 10 is equipped with four power amplifier modules and seven power supplies. All power amplifier and power supply modules are hot-swappable, so there’s no reason to take the transmitter off-air to install a spare. The combiner will auto-adjust to the power change when a module is added or removed. Auxiliary power supply options are available for the PA power supplies and controller power supply, providing a redundancy configuration for the harshest electrical environments. Moreover, the STX 10 has a redundant cooling system, allowing it to operate at full power with a fan failure.

The STX 10 can fit in any standard 19-inch EIA rack that is 30 inches deep. Not only is it easily transportable to any transmitter location, but the small form-factor also reduces shipping costs.

With IP connectivity at the transmitter site, the STX 10 will provide important transmitter operating conditions and control options from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

BE is also showing an upgraded, AudioVault. AudioVault 10.40 includes a completely reimagined satellite programming module, the company says. Also added is direct integration with MusicMaster’s Nexus system. This allows users to receive MusicMaster song recommendations directly in AudioVault and therefore autofill with MusicMaster approved songs and more.

The Commotion software and app platform will add Commotion Beacons. The beacons can be utilized by radio stations and their advertisers to send information to listeners’ mobile phones as they walk into range of a mobile beacon. Beacons can provide coupons, contesting or product information as well as statistical information back to the business and radio station.

NAB Show Booth: C150