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NAB Sneak Peek: Broadcast Tools Monitors the Internet

Switchers and more Site Sentinels to be seen

Widget box maker Broadcast Tools is introducing a number of new products at the NAB Show.

The Streaming Sentinel 4 is a four-stream IP monitor. A stream can be monitored for silence. All streams programmed to trigger an alarm. Alarms can be emailed to up to eight addresses and phone calls to up to four different numbers. Greetings and alarm messages are stored as MP3 files on an internal micro SD card.

The Streaming Sentinel 4 can also ping programmed addresses to ascertain valid addresses. Confirmation of a valid address can generate an alarm. A headphone output on the half-rack box has a level control. There is an LED meter and activity LEDs on the front panel.

Broadcast Tools is showcasing many other handy boxes such as the DAC-1 and ADC-1 Plus converters and a number of rackmounted switchers.

The DAC-1 is a digital to analog converter with a silence sensor and AES error detector. The ADC-1 Plus is an analog to digital converter. Sample rates are 24-bit/44.1 kHz or 48 kHz, Use of an external clock can provide 32–96 kHz.

NAB Booth: C2920 (Broadcasters General Store)