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NAB Sneak Peek: Burk Puts the Plus Into Its SNMP

New version ties together traditional and SNMP equipment

Burk Technology is bringing to the NAB Show a new version of its SNMP remote site management software for Burk’s ARC Plus Touch and ARC Plus SL.

The company says, “Now with SNMP Plus traditional and SNMP equipment can be seamlessly integrated over the same network.”

It adds, “SNMP channels behave like any other ARC Plus channel. SNMP data can be mapped to ARC Plus meter and status channels for monitoring and alarm generation. ARC Plus command channels can initiate SNMP Set commands for control of connected SNMP equipment. And SNMP Plus enables creation of comprehensive automated functions on the ARC Plus that encompass all controlled equipment whether connected via parallel interface or SNMP.”

SNMP Plus is available as an option on new ARC Plus Touches and ARC Plus SLs. It can also be loaded into version 5 ARC Plus Touches and ARC Plus SLs in the field.

NAB Show Booth: N1538