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NAB Sneak Peek: Comrex Develops IFB System

Earshot IFB is a phone-based system

Codec-maker Comrex has a departure from its usual NAB Show debuts, the EarShot IFB.

The EarShot IFB is phone system aimed at marrying traditional IFBs with modern phone technology.

Comrex Sales Director Chris Crump explains, “We’d visit TV stations and see banks of old telephone auto-couplers connected to expensive analog phone lines. Most other phone tech has transitioned to Voice-over-IP (VoIP), but remote IFB audio remains stuck in the last century.”

Up to 30 users can listen to program or IFB feeds by calling into EarShot IFB with a mobile phone. EarShot IFB can handle up to four program feeds, or two IFB feeds. For higher fidelity, smartphone apps can be used to generate studio-quality audio. EarShot IFB provides users with connection to low-cost cloud-based VoIP services, or to a station’s VoIP PBX.

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Comrex Technical Director Tom Hartnett pointed to cost advantages that might be available via EarShot IFB, “It was a no-brainer to provide a simple hardware solution to the IFB problem. The folks we talked to were sick of paying for a dozen or more POTS lines to provide this function. EarShot IFB will pay for itself within a couple of months in phone service savings alone.”

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