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NAB Sneak Peek: Davicom Delivers New Inputs

Company also releases an Android app for DV units

Remote control and monitoring specialist Davicom is bringing new products and a new app to the NAB Show.

Davicom’s new MEXM-2 (shown) provides 64 opto-isolated, wet or dry contact digital inputs for use with any product in the Davicom DV line of remote monitoring and control systems. These extra inputs are directly integrated into the DV-Micro’s control structure, therefore taking full advantage of the unit’s powerful control, monitoring and automation functions.

Davicom’s new Android application provides the exact information needed, when and where needed. Whether on the road, at the office or even at the site, a connection can be made to any Davicom DV-208/216/Mini unit and receive critical site information within seconds. DV-Units can also call and send alarm notifications to a smartphone or tablet.

The new FM broadcast monitor receiver (FMBM-2) adds MPX input and output capability and optional AES-EBU digital outputs to the FMBM-1. The FMBM-2 offers a number of advanced features in a compact, low-cost package. Designed for integration into the Davicom’s control and monitoring structure, the FMBM provides the benefit of remotely monitoring the key RF parameters of your AM or FM transmitter to ensure regulatory compliance.

The DV-Micro/Mini/208/216 units have new firmware. Version 5.52 adds support for new MEXM-2 units; direct configuration and control of inputs via Web server view screen; faster network pings for rapid detection of network issues; integration of expansion devices (MEXM, ModBus, DADS and FMBM) into SNMP MIB; and group DTMF commands for faster/easier telephone control functionality.

And Inovonics and Davicom announced the release of the first direct connect interface between their products. Thanks to the Davicom’s built-in SNMP manager and to the Inovonics 610 Internet radio monitor’s SNMP agent, the interface allows easy, one-cable interconnection between the two units. The interface consists of a Cat-5 cable, a DV configuration file that can be simply downloaded into any Davicom Mini or Davicom 208/216 unit and a DavLink Workspace file for the PC.

NAB Booth: C111