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NAB Sneak Peek: ERI Has New Axioms

New models aimed at low- and mid-power applications

Antenna maker Electronics Research Inc. has a new pair of Axiom antennas for the NAB Show audience to see.

The Axiom is a side-mount master FM antenna utilizing the company’s well-known Rototiller design. The two new models are the LPA and MPA series, with power ratings at 15 kW and 39 kW, respectively. They’ll be available in 4-, 8-, 12- and 16-bay versions.

A release explains: “The Axiom is a specially designed antenna system which provides high input power handling capability and can provide service as an auxiliary master FM antenna for systems that are limited to a band width requirement of up to 18 MHz of the FM Band (88 MHz to 108 MHz). The antenna can be designed with a single RF input or can be configured as separate upper and lower antennas for higher power handling capability and redundancy.”

NAB Show Booth: C2030