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NAB Sneak Peek: For Studer X Marks the Spot

New Vista X console has Infinity DSP core

For NAB Show 2014 attendees, Harman’s Studer nameplate is launching a new console in the Vista line, the Vista X.

According to the company, the Vista X has a new processing core called Infinity DSP. It says that unlike traditional, but more app-specific, SHARC- or FPGA-based engines, the Infinity uses a commercial CPU. Therefore it should be easier to develop programming for it and its power should increase along with commercial CPU development.

One CPU-based advantage that the company is highlighting is the ability to use multiple cores within the CPU, and thus allowing for a level of redundancy.

The Infinity core is compatible with Studer’s new 12 A-Link high-capacity fiber digital audio interface, providing thousands ofinputs and outputs per console. .

Like other members of the Vista family, the Vista X has Vistonics and the FaderGlow UI.

NAB Booth: C2627