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NAB Sneak Peek: Henry Has the Sports Pod

Remote widget solves a problem

Henry Engineering is a company known for its problem-solving boxes and each NAB Show engineers swarm the booth looking for the widget they need. Or sometimes they pitch Hank Landsberg on a problem they have.

The Henry Engineering Sports Pod is the result of such pitches.

It is an announcer’s mic/headphone controller and intercom system for use by talent at a remote broadcast. The company says that it is ideal for use at sporting events, on-location broadcasts or in any studio.

The Sports Pod is similar to Henry Engineering’s Talent Pod, but with three additional features: an integrated intercom system, active mic audio on/off switching, and the ability to remotely control the mic. It solves the problem of providing talent with a mix local and return (IFB) headphone audio, and provides duplex off-air communication with a producer or engineer. Its simplicity allows for error-free use by non-technical users, and it provides an easy way to link several units for use at broadcasts with multiple announcers, the company says.

Sports Pods can be connected via Cat-5. The talkback output is transformer-isolated and balanced, suitable for very long cable runs. When Sports Pods are used with a Henry Engineering MultiPhones master unit, full duplex talkback (intercom) between talent and producer is possible.

The one-third rack-unit Sports Pod can be used with any combination of Henry Sports Pods, Talent Pods, MiniPods and with a MultiPhones Master II unit. Some of these configurations offer extra features.

NAB Booth: C2133