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NAB Sneak Peek: Inovonics Introduces Aaron

The new kid is a rebroadcast/translator receiver

Isn’t it nice when people bring new friends to the NAB Show?

Inovonics’ newest friend is Aaron, the rebroadcast/translator receiver.

The Aaron 650 is a new FM rebroadcast/translator receiver. Offering reception sensitivity and selectivity superior to even the most elite professional or consumer receivers, the Aaron 650 combines premium features with unparalleled receiver performance, the company says. Aaron operates in either a composite pass-through or composite-regeneration mode. Composite pass-through eliminates retransmission delay (latency), and composite-regeneration lends the ability to completely reconstruct your baseband signal, even altering RDS messaging prior to rebroadcast.;

The Aaron 640 provides the same reception performance and many of the features of its big brother Aaron 650, but at a budget-friendly price point. The sensitive and selective front end of the AARON 640 digitally decodes the entire analog baseband for rebroadcast.

Also new to the show is the INOmini 402 small form-factor RDS/RBDS message sign driver. It tunes the FM band, taking a station’s “now playing” text and sends it to a variety of large format scrolling LED marquee signs. This provides for continuous RDS display of now playing messaging in station studios, control rooms and external billboards.

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