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NAB Sneak Peek: Kintronic Says “How Dry I Am!”

New dehydrators keep the moisture away

While Las Vegas is so often about the glitz and the shine and the NAB Show is a venue for debuting sexy products that dazzle the eyes and minds of the engineers, sometimes it is the seemingly mundane items that get the job done that deserve attention.

So it is with Kintronic Labs’ Model LAB4.50 and Model LAB9.50 (shown) automatic dehydrators.

Both dehydrators offer dual pumps and automatically regenerating drying chambers that run alternately. Kintronic rates them to greater than 165,000 MTBF. Kintronic says that the units should be low-power and quiet. There is an optional digital flowmeter available and optional SNMP and HTTP Ethernet remote alarms and control.

In addition Kintronic will also show new isocouplers and isocoils for mounting LPTV and translators on AM towers.

NAB Show Booth: N8720