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NAB Sneak Peek: Logitek Adds Plusses

Expanded JetStream and vMix highlight new offerings

Equipment maker Logitek is adding “plus” to several pieces of new equipment at the NAB Show to designate expanded capabilities.

JetStream Plus (shown) is a 240-channel AoIP audio node that offers high-density, user-configurable I/O with ample support for multiple rack rooms and TOCs. Fifteen card slots are provided for analog inputs, digital inputs, analog outputs, digital outputs, SDI inputs and microphone preamps. Any size Logitek digital console (Pilot, ROC, Mosaic, Artisan or vMix+) may be operated with the JetStream Plus and multiple consoles may be connected to a single unit.

The vMix+ is also new. It is a virtual AoIP mixer that combines all of Logitek’s virtual clients into a customizable software package. According to Logitek, vMix+ can take the place of or run in parallel with a physical mixing console or router control panels, and can provide more metering space than is available via a standard bridge. Other features include individual faders for simple operation of a single source; router control “buttons;” single or multiple VU meters and any desired user graphics or text.

NAB Booth: C2026