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NAB Sneak Peek: Logitek Hails the Helix

New broadcast console designed for touch

Need a new console, one that might make your competitor’s envious? Logitek offers the Helix.

The Helix is aimed at radio and TV duties, operating from touchscreen and physical motorized control surface. It also has a tablet/smartphone app.

The Helix, of course, operates with Logitek’s JetStream AoIP network. JetStream routers can provide 128–240 I/O channels.

The Helix Radio offers up to 24 mix-minus busses though the number of busses and faders can be lower if requirements are less. There are motorized faders and 7-inch touchscreens for each six-fader bucket. The touchscreens access dynamics, assignments, metering and more. The buckets can be split.

A monitor module provides a speaker, monitor and cue volume faders along with cue and studio/guest volume control knobs, in addition to a touchscreen providing meters and assignment buttons.

Thanks to software-driven architecture, Helix offers a great many customization options.

For those willing to go all the way, Helix Surface is a 28-inch Microsoft Surface Studio that eliminates even the physical fader complement.

Logitek President Tag Borland said, “Glass cockpits are becoming ubiquitous throughout all industries, and users everywhere are now accustomed to touch interfaces on many devices. We are pleased to bring this flexibility and modern mode of operation to the broadcast studio.”

He added, “You can take Helix with you as you walk around the station, do a remote, or connect to the studio from across the country.”

NAB Show Booth: C1322