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NAB Sneak Peek: Omnirax Builds the Contour

Furniture series provides customizable sizes, forms and finishes

The Omnirax Furniture Co. says that it is combining its years of experience in the technical furniture market with game-changing innovations to bring to the radio broadcast furniture market the Contour series of ergonomically superior workstations.

The Contour series is available in adjustable-height (motorized sit/stand) or fixed-height models; three sizes; multiple rack configurations; built with American-made steel; and with a choice of finishes. Other finishes are available upon request at an additional charge.

The adjustable height models have superior Bosch German motors and four-position programmable controllers with numeric readout.

Contour is not a one-size-fits-all line, the company says. It is a range of products designed to create a work environment that fits the client and their way of working. Contour brings work closer, allowing users to wrap work around them for an intimate studio experience.

Contour is available in approximately 5-foot-, 6-foot- and 7-foot-wide models. The base configuration is two-rack bays by three-rack spaces. Nearly any configuration that can be imagined can be built. Adding more rack spaces, making the larger CS6 and CS7 with additional rack bays or one-piece tops is not a problem.

Rack bays are carefully positioned within easy reach and angled for neck-neutral sightlines either sitting or standing. They are open in the rear for easy access to gear and wiring, with cut-outs in the modesty panels to feed wires back to the wire trays beneath the desk.

Omnirax says that unlike products from other companies, its furniture has a “furniture feel:” upper racks are “framed” with solid laminate, and sleek, curved modesty panels conceal wire management that add to the finished professional look.

All Contour desktops are constructed of high-pressure laminate over “Green” particleboard cores trimmed with durable tee-molded edges.

Omnirax says that courtesy of its CAD/CAM manufacturing process, with an incredible 0.005-inch tolerance, clients will get a precise fit and finish on their new studio furniture. The Contour series is shipped flat-packed, with specialized tools and simple, clear instructions included.

Options include: fully-articulating Omnirax KMS keyboard/mouse shelf; 7500 VESA mount monitor arm; SpaceCo CPU holder.

Omnirax ships from its facility in Sausalito, Calif. The Contour Series base price does not include shipping because, while it may seem simpler to include shipping in the advertised price, the company does not want to charge more than is necessary for those clients not located on the East Coast — the farthest shipping point. However, the company adds, that even with the cost of shipping and options added to the Contour base price, deliveries to the East Coast should still be still priced lower than comparable products from the competition.

NAB Show Booth: N7817