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NAB Sneak Peek: Orban Debuts 5.1 Surround Sound Monitor

Making the move into surround sound?

DaySequerra’s acquisition of Orban is beginning to bear fruit in the shape of a nifty rackmounted headphone surround sound monitor for higher end broadcast operators.

The iMix 5.1 Headphone Monitor features Orban’s patent-pending DSX Headphone Surround algorithm. It utilizes the ITU-R BS.1770 loudness measurement system. 

“Designed for accurate rendering of a discrete 5.1 soundstage in the users’ headphones, the iMix 5.1 Monitor does not require artificial ambience or special encoding to accurately reproduce multichannel audio,” a release explained.

Additionally, “no proprietary surround encoding is required; test tone locations are rendered with precise image integrity, including BLITS tones and SWOOP tests without artificial ambience that masks the program audio.”

Orban President David Day said, “The iMix 5.1 addresses the needs of our HDTV and radio broadcast customers for a 5.1 surround headphone monitor that will allow them to monitor and QC their 5.1 broadcasts outside a specially-designed — and expensive — audio control room.”

He added, “This robust, cost-effective solution allows users to work with their preferred type of headphones, achieving the sonic accuracy they need without special setup or calibration.”

Basic I/O is AES digital audio with an options for HD/SDI inputs. Other options planned are AES67-Dante input and balanced analog I/O.

NAB Show Booth: N3203