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NAB Sneak Peek: Staco Brings the Power

New power conditioners and UPSes

New for the NAB Show is the Staco Energy Products FirstLine PL/PPC (shown), a three-phase power conditioner, 208VAC, 10–40 kVA. Capabilities include continuous voltage correction and conditioning providing a clean, regenerated waveform. Staco says the units have up to 94% efficiency, an input power factor of 0.99, Adaptive Feed Cancellation, digital signal processing and Soft Start Power walk-in function.

Also available are the larger FirstLine P/PPC 480VAC, 65–250kVA power conditioners. They too provide continuous voltage correction and conditioning providing clean regenerated waveform. The FirstLineP/PPC gives cost-effective protection from a wide range of power quality anomalies, while providing regulated output power. They are ideal for use in broadcast transmitters, to protect them from damage by poor power quality, the company says. Broadcasters can save money by extending the life of the equipment and keep operations up and running through unstable power situations.

The latest Staco UniStar P is the 0.9 6–10 kVA power factor correcting uninterruptible power supply unit. As studios and tech centers become more IT-oriented, power protection becomes a huge issue. Staco Energy says it has the experience and products that broadcasters need, whether it be a facility-wide UPS system or protection for just one piece of equipment. The UniStar series is a single-phase, online UPS system that protects against all power quality problems, including blackouts. The units provide power conditioning continuously, whether on battery power or not. Up to four can be connected in parallel.

NAB Booth: C3205