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NAB Sneak Peek: SureStream Technology Goes Mobile

APT Mobile SureStreamer puts remote streaming reliability into a portable case

APT/WorldCast Systems says that its new Mobile SureStreamer can be used to maximize the uptime and broadcast quality of existing hardware or software codecs over 3G/4G networks.

The system has been designed around SureStream, APT’s redundant-streaming technology, deployed in thousands of studio-transmitter links worldwide. SureStream says it employs multipath streaming over two or more redundant networks to deliver a solid connection similar to that offered from traditional synchronous links such as T1.

SureStream technology has been developed and refined over several years and tested regularly on the most unreliable of internet connections.

According to APT, the main benefit of SureStream is its ability to achieve the performance and reliability of a high-grade broadcast link for just a fraction of the operational cost. Now, the Mobile SureStreamer offers these same benefits to remote broadcasters in a portable, lightweight carry bag. It will work with app-based software codecs on your phone and hardware codecs to provide a direct connection to any SureStream-enabled decoder.

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The system can be fully preconfigured in the studio so nontechnical personnel and talent in the field can connect immediately on start-up. Four universal Ethernet ports allow connection to any type of network access including the two 3G/4G modems that are supplied with the Mobile SureStreamer. Also included is a portable three-hour battery pack with backup and easy swap-out options.

It should also be noted that the Mobile SureStreamer is not restricted to purely audio use but can also be deployed to protect UDP video and live media streams using SureStream.

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