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NAB Sneak Peek: Tieline Controls the Cloud

Brings hard and soft Tieline codecs under remote control

Seeming to bring nature to heel, codec maker Tieline is releasing a cloud-based remote codec controller software called Cloud Codec Controller.

The software manages any number of network codecs in any number of locations, according to Tieline.

Tieline VP Sales APAC & EMEA Charlie Gawley said, “Remote control is a powerful tool for broadcasters and Tieline’s Cloud Codec Controller delivers a simple user interface to control all functions of a remote codec from the studio, at home, or anywhere they have an internet connection.”

In addition, he added, “The Cloud Codec Controller integrates Tieserver and the latest cloud computing technologies to deliver secure real-time monitoring and remote control of all your G5 IP codecs, Commander G3 rack mount codecs, and smartphones using Report-IT Enterprise.”

The Cloud Codec Controller automatically presence of a Tieline codec or device running the Report-IT Enterprise app when it connects to the internet. It can provide real time online/offline status of supported codecs, as well as users logged into Report-IT Enterprise; monitoring of connection status, link quality and audio levels; and remotely dial and hang-up remote codec connections from the studio.

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Cloud Codec Controller is especially useful with Report-IT, the soft codec app for iOS and Android smartphones. It can install the Report-IT Enterprise app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, log in with credentials provided by the studio then remotely connect and disconnect Report-IT, start and stop recordings, monitor and adjust input and record levels, lock and unlock controls and observe link quality.

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