NAB Sneak Peek: Whirlwind Announces THS Announcer Boxes

From small to large, calling the game just got easier
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Whirlwind THS Family

The Whirlwind THS series of sports announcer boxes combine headphone amplification with various microphone control options in a metal desktop chassis. THS boxes are ergonomically-designed to put the control buttons within easy reach of the announcer even while they may be shuffling through stat sheets.

The THS 1 models of sports announcer boxes have single button mic controls. The THS 1T is push-to-talk and the THS 1M is push-to-mute. The Whirlwind THS 2 has two mic control buttons, a latching mic on/off switch and a momentary cough switch.

The THS 3 and THS 4 are all-purpose, feature-filled sports announcer consoles. Both main and talkback microphone outputs are provided, with mic on/off, cough and talkback switches for control.

In addition, Whirlwind’s Cyclone cases have Colson casters and flush-mounted MOL latches. They are built around marine grade HDPE panels that won’t soak up water, and rot like traditional cases that are made with plywood.

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