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Nautel Identifies App for AUI Control

Transmitter maker says iSwifter allows iPad interaction

Nautel could be excused for feeling frustrated with Apple, in these days of App Mania. Its Advanced User Interface (AUI) uses Adobe Flash, and Apple famously has declared Adobe Flash unwelcome.

Director of Sales Chuck Kelly stated: “Many customers have asked about viewing their Nautel VS, NV or NX AUI on their iPad … but the inability of the iPad to run Flash applications like our AUI made that impossible.”

But Nautel discovered that an available third-party app could solve the problem. Called iSwifter and originally designed to allow the playing of Web-based Flash games on the iPad, the app makes it possible to interact with Nautel’s AUI when the latter is connected to the Web.

Kelly said: “This tool is very useful to engineers and technicians because it offers full access to a Nautel transmitter from virtually anywhere, saving stations time and money by eliminating trips to the transmitter site.”

(This is pure speculation, but we also wonder if Nautel — which in addition to its broadcast work has built RF power products for deep-space plasma propulsion — was subconsciously attracted to iSwifter’s nifty rocket logo, shown here.)