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Nautel Introduces Enhanced HD Radio Importer

Says it simplifies multicasting operations in a compact and robust system

Nautel Ltd. unveiled the Importer Plus, which allows broadcasters to two additional programming channels and other supplemental audio and data services to HD Radio transmissions.

“An optional component of HD Radio systems, the Nautel Importer Plus codes the secondary program services of an IBOC transmission including digital channels two and three,” the company stated. “A convenient user interface permits the selection of IBOC service modes and partitioning of IBOC signal bandwidth for a variety of audio and data services including multicasting.”

The Importer Plus is housed in a 1 RU enclosure and “is the first implementation of an HD Radio Importer to use reliable solid-state storage instead of a traditional hard drive,” Nautel said. This, it says, means faster boot times of approximately 20 seconds along with better reliability.

“The Importer Plus uses a dual core processor to achieve twice the performance of its predecessor.” The company offers remote troubleshooting via its Remote View service.

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