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Nautel Opens Its HD Radio ‘Toolkit’

HD Power Boost, 'IQ over IP' are among the offerings

Nautel showcased several products, technologies and research projects to address HD Radio coverage.

The company brought a working demo of a studio, main transmitter and booster site and set up demonstrations of its approaches to higher digital power — using its NV Series transmitters and HD Power Boost — as well as a concept called IQ over IP, which it says simplifies deployment of cost-effective boosters for IBOC infill purposes.

The overall goal of the toolkit booth pitch, Nautel said, was to emphasize a portfolio approach that allows broadcasters to select from power increase strategies, infill strategies or a combination.

HD Power Boost, introduced in concept last year, is based on the approach of achieving higher IBOC power using Peak to Average Power Reduction techniques. Nautel presented a demonstration on a 10 kW transmitter. It says tests suggest a 10 kW transmitter that normally can produce about 4.3 kW in –10 dB HD hybrid mode can now achieve 5.4kW at –10 dB using HD Power Boost; a 10 kW box that produces about 8 kW at –20dB can provide the same 8 kW but with –15dB injection levels.

To address synchronization and interference issues related to IBOC boosters, Nautel introduced a concept called IQ over IP. The demo placed an HD Radio Exgine modulator at the studio “site” while broadcasting the I&Q data stream, a digital representation of the RF broadcast signal, to multiple transmitter, booster or translator sites. This means a manager can use just one Exgine while addressing synchronization problems.

And Nautel showed its new Importer Plus, companion to the previously introduced Exporter Plus.