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NeoAgent Connects Listeners, Stations

NAB Sneak Peek: Software advances from NeoGroupe facilitate interactivity, data collection

NeoGroupe NeoAgent enhances stations’ interaction with its audience by automatically adding information gathered via SMS, website, Facebook, Twitter and iPhone into the databases of NeoScreener and NeoWinners.

A turnkey data delivery service, NeoAgent lets stations collect — through the use of social media — and store information regarding listeners, winners and guests.

NeoGroupe also offers NeoWinners v3.4 business software. It tracks winners, prizes and schedules on-air contests, allowing radio stations to handle the daily management of contests. The new version features the integration of incoming messages from Facebook, Twitter and Google+; AVT Magic Screener interfacing; retains the history of any changes made by users; and NeoScreener integration.

Other products from NeoGroupe include NeoScreener TV, a call screening software for live TV talkshows, and NeoStock, a budget, purchasing and inventory management solution.

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