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NeoGroupe Customizes

Sneak Peek: New custom apps division, latest versions of phone and contest management software

Software developer NeoGroupe has started a custom applications division.

NeoGroupe CEO Philippe Halin said: “After making standard applications for many years, several of our clients asked for custom applications to resolve workflow issues specific to their organization. Since we produce multilingual, database-oriented applications handling scheduling, inventory, processing, reporting, etc. and can quickly develop a wide range of technologies, it seemed natural for us to offer tailor-made development services to our customer base.”

NeoGroupe’s telephony and contest management software for radio and TV will also be an emphasis at NAB in their latest versions.

Of interest to radio broadcasters is the NeoScreener for Telos VX, NeoWinners Version 3 and NeoAgent.

NeoScreener for Telos VX is a version of the NeoScreener call management application designed for use on Telos’ VX VoIP-based broadcast phone hardware system. A noted feature is full caller ID.

NeoWinners is a contest management software suite for use with radio and TV stations. According to NeoGroupe it is compatible with major databases such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Informix and AS/400. NeoGroupe promises some “Internet distribution” features for the NAB Show.

NeoAgent (see diagram) is a marketing management package that includes contest and event modules and interfaces with other NeoGroupe programs.

NAB Show Booth: C3113