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Netia Goes with the Flow

Workflow Engine added to Radio-Assist 8

Netia says it has integrated its Workflow Engine with its radio digital automation platform Radio-Assist 8.

The Workflow Engine is designed to bring within one GUI a number of processes and platforms in a broadcast environment, such as automatically porting audio and video content to the Web and archiving text transcriptions.

Netia Director of Products Mustapha Rezzoug said administrators can use the Netia Workflow Engine for workflow automation setup, execution and status monitoring. The combination of the Workflow Engine and Radio-Assist 8 allows media companies to better manage audio, video, text and images, he said.

“The Netia Workflow Engine is an open system that choreographs, visually represents and then executes processes or workflows to provide a faster and more direct interface between Radio-Assist 8 and other applications,” the company states.

It improves performance of tasks such as transcoding, audio extraction, speech-to-text transcription, archiving and publishing in an automated process.